Special - The Pernicious Poisoning of Peachblossom

Join us for a special stand-alone adventure to celebrate Pride Month!

Prism Pals has organized a week long event featuring six all LGBTQ+ podcasts, each representing one color from the original Pride Flag rainbow and their associated meaning.

In our episode we'll be representing Orange, the color of Healing.

Check out the Prism Pals Twitter for all of the information for the week, and participate in a special give away!

Special thanks to Lizz Sooy for her Pride Anthem "LGBTQ" to celebrate!

Full Schedule:

Sunday 6/16:           Rise of the Demigods (Red/Life)
Monday 6/17:          Queens of Adventure (Orange/Healing)
Tuesday 6/18:         Queer Dungeoneers (Yellow/Vitality)
Wednesday 6/19:  Queer for Adventure (Green/Nature)
Thursday 6/20:       Prism Pals (Blue/Harmony)
Friday 6/21:              Domino Theory (Purple/Spirit)
Saturday 6/22:        GM One-Shot on Prism Pals 

P.S. Welcome to the Queens of Adventure stage, Londyn Bradshaw!