Season 1 Ep 34 - Legs for Days

Arson, Butylene, Fraya, Irene, & Lamont have broken the ancient seal that has long protected the island from the cursed creatures of the Underdark.

As our heroes penetrate deeper into the depths below, they soon discover that they are not alone. A mysterious voice continues pick Arson's brain from within, and a hungry Xorn is eager to make a deal.

They've been warned of spiders ahead. And boy howdy, are there spiders ahead.

Music from “Black Vortex”, "Crypto", "Long Note One" by Kevin MacLeod ( Licence: CC BY (

Season 1 Ep 33 - Do Not Open

Now is the winter of our discount tent. Arson Nicki, Butylene O'Kipple, Fraya Love, Irene Dubois, and Lamont DuPont IV delve deeper into the Underdark where they encounter a mysterious house on a hill and make a series of discoveries that might have something to do with drag.

Music from “Black Vortext”, "Long Note One", "Magic Scout", "Myst on the Moors", "Oppressive Gloom", & “Severe Tire Damage“ by Kevin MacLeod ( Licence: CC BY (

Season 1 Ep 31 - Goodbye Glamazons

The time has come for our heroes to bid farewell to Glamalala, city of memory, the place in the beautiful place. But will their parting be sweetness or sorrow? Will there be a righteous reckoning with Ranger Richard? Will crabby creatures cramp their collective caboose? And what does all this mean for new companion, Irene?

Music from “Clash Defiant”, “Pepper's Theme“, “Sincerely“ by Kevin MacLeod ( Licence: CC BY (

Season 1 Ep 30 - A Taste of the Taint

With only ten days remaining until the destruction of Fire Island, our heroes are on the verge of completing their Glamazon training. All that remains is one final challenge that sees the group cast as battle maidens standing against shady forces in a historical reenactment. Will Bootie & the Hofish come out on top, or will they succumb to the power of the terrible taint?

Music from “Cool Vibes”, “Some Amount of Evil“, “Stay the Course“ & “Wretched Destroyer“ by Kevin MacLeod ( Licence: CC BY (

Season 1 Ep 28 - The Pup That Didn't Bark

Join Arson, Butylene, Fraya, and Irene for a most curious case of a canine in the night. Back in the Glamadrome, our heroes puzzle their way through a historical predicament. A miserable malefactor has pup-napped a prized pooch. A Pomeranian? Perhaps! Can the gang crack the case by using every skill on their (diegetic) character sheet? Or, will they resort to magic or violence and blow the whole shebang!? Only my hairdresser knows for sure, and they aren’t talking. So you’ll have to listen up, chuckles!

Music from “Cool Vibes” & “Stay The Course” by Kevin MacLeod ( Licence: CC BY (

Season 1 Ep 27 - Highway to the Danger Room

In twelve days an old god will destroy Fire Island, and everyone on it, unless someone delivers the lost treasure of the great queens, long sealed away in a tomb beneath an obsidian ziggurat.

Arson Nicki, a half-elf / half-spider Warlock, Butylene O'Kipple, an infernal alchemist, and Fraya Love a water elemental worshiper of Cher, have traveled across Fire Island to the forbidden city of Glamalala seeking training and allies.

Their last encounter in the Glamazon City saw them imprisoned for trespassing, found guilty, and sentenced to death. But, after they defeated the Kraken priest and proposed a plan of mutual defense, the Glamazons were willing to give them a second chance.

So that's the context. But really, this whole episode is about introducing new player Irene Dubois.

Music from “Inspired” & “Sincerely” by Kevin MacLeod ( Licence: CC BY (

Special - The Pernicious Poisoning of Peachblossom

Join us for a special stand-alone adventure to celebrate Pride Month!

Prism Pals has organized a week long event featuring six all LGBTQ+ podcasts, each representing one color from the original Pride Flag rainbow and their associated meaning.

In our episode we'll be representing Orange, the color of Healing.

Check out the Prism Pals Twitter for all of the information for the week, and participate in a special give away!

Special thanks to Lizz Sooy for her Pride Anthem "LGBTQ" to celebrate!

Full Schedule:

Sunday 6/16:           Rise of the Demigods (Red/Life)
Monday 6/17:          Queens of Adventure (Orange/Healing)
Tuesday 6/18:         Queer Dungeoneers (Yellow/Vitality)
Wednesday 6/19:  Queer for Adventure (Green/Nature)
Thursday 6/20:       Prism Pals (Blue/Harmony)
Friday 6/21:              Domino Theory (Purple/Spirit)
Saturday 6/22:        GM One-Shot on Prism Pals 

P.S. Welcome to the Queens of Adventure stage, Londyn Bradshaw!

Season 1 Ep 26 - Glamazon Country

Bootie & the Hofish set out for the Glamazon city, Glamalala, to learn from their masters and strengthen the alliance against the annihilating force of the Kraken.

The last time they were in the city, our heroes were prisoners sentenced to death for trespassing upon a sacred tomb.

Obviously the death sentence didn't quite take, so they're getting another shot at this. But one false move could spell doom for all the Honored Outside Guests of the Glamazons.

Music from "Backbay Lounge", "Sardana", "Severe Tire Damage", "Sincerely", "This House", and "Ultralounge" by Kevin MacLeod ( Licence: CC BY (

Season 1 Ep 25 - Heart and Soul

Carol has crashed the summit at the summit of Radiant Rise just as the Glamazons and their Honored Outside Guests (H.O.G.s) were about to put aside their differences and come together to fry a bigger fish.

But who is Carol?

A horned devil astride a nightmare flanked by hellhounds, imps, and magmins, that’s who!

What happened to the deal with Barb? Will the Glamazons hold Bootie & the Hofish accountable for this infernal infraction? And will Fraya Love shape water?

Anything could happen, and some things do!

Music: “Dream Catcher”, “Giant Wyrm”, “Interloper”, “Ryno’s Theme”, “Severe Tire Damage”, “This House” by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Season 1 Ep 24 - The Devils in the Details

Bootie & the Hofish once again find themselves before the Glamazon enquirer, making a case for the future of the island.

Last time the group was sentenced to death by sea spawn. So, that wasn't great.

But this time around they have the support of: Belfry Ramshackle, proprietor of the Golden Palace resort, Sir Throbardon, the leather eagle, Patrick, the scholar from the Edmonton Queen, and Ellen Caelus, Glamazon cleric of the life domain.

Can they convince the Glamazons to form an alliance against the implacable doom of the Kraken, or will a slip of the tongue see them licked once and for all?

Music, “Interloper”, "This House” by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License  

Season 1 Ep 23 - The Hole of Glory

Our heroes are are on the edge of edging their way to glory. The Hole of Glory, that is! This mysterious Glamazon artifact awaits at the end of a dark dank tunnel. Will our heroes survive a sticky situation unscathed? Will Fraya Love shape water? Will Arson Nicki smell a rat? Will Butylene O’Kipple spice up your life?

The answers to these questions and more are probably yes. But try to act surprised when it happens!

Music, “Cottages”, "Crypto” by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License  

Season 1 Ep 22 - Good Luck; We're All Counting on You

The gang levels up. But, with greater power comes greater responsibility! At least, I think that's how that's supposed to work.

Music, "Backbay Lounge", "Light Awash", "Severe Tire Damage", "This House", Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Season 1 Ep 21 - Goodbye Horses

An old god from the deep threatens to destroy Fire Island. If everyone works together, there's a chance they might survive. But, the Golden Palace is descending into panic and chaos. 

Can Bootie & the Hofish restore morale by commemorating what they've lost, appreciating what they have, and steeling their resolve for the battles to come?

Music, "Backbay Lounge", "Light Awash", "Severe Tire Damage", "Ultralounge", Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License  

Season 1 Ep 19 - A Portable Party

Hemmingway had a moveable feast. And look where that got him. Now he is a ghost.

We have a portable party. And also ghosts. So I guess we're no better than Hemmingway.

At least the Kraken Priest has been defeated!

Now, no fewer than one Jim Jim, one Throbardon, one Karin, one Patrick, one Ellen, a Gnomi, two humans, and two halflings look to Bootie & the Hofish for guidance. Wait a minute... where'd the halflings go?

Music: “Dream Catcher” & “Severe Tire Damage”, Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Season 1 Ep 18 - Have a Little Priest

Bootie & the Hofish find themselves in the unholiest of holies, the lair of the Kraken Priest!

Will our heroes alter the altar, severing the connection between monster and master? Or, will they wind up altered beasts, mindlessly serving the Kraken's unfathomable will?

Only Gnomi knows for sure. And he's got his own problems to deal with.

Music: “Interloper” & “Unlight”, Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

And thank you to Gilda Wabbit for special guest vocals!

Season 1 Ep 17 - Below the Bottom

Lady Essence, leader of the Glamazons, has sentenced Bootie & the Hofish to die at the clammy hands of the sea spawn; undead thralls of the mighty Kraken.

Dragged below the bottom of the sea, will our heroes survive to see the light of another day?

(… technically the light of another day could kill Arson, so maybe it’s all a wash)

Thank you to special guest Gilda Wabbit (@gildawabbit) for the cameo vocal stylings!