Season 1 Ep 25 - Heart and Soul

Carol has crashed the summit at the summit of Radiant Rise just as the Glamazons and their Honored Outside Guests (H.O.G.s) were about to put aside their differences and come together to fry a bigger fish.

But who is Carol?

A horned devil astride a nightmare flanked by hellhounds, imps, and magmins, that’s who!

What happened to the deal with Barb? Will the Glamazons hold Bootie & the Hofish accountable for this infernal infraction? And will Fraya Love shape water?

Anything could happen, and some things do!

Music: “Dream Catcher”, “Giant Wyrm”, “Interloper”, “Ryno’s Theme”, “Severe Tire Damage”, “This House” by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License